Marion Woodrow Kruse, Jr.

Litigation , Arbitration & Appeals

Our firm handles a substantial amount of litigation, with an emphasis in the areas of business and commercial law, contract disputes, fiduciary litigation and real estate matters. Whether it is a complex commercial dispute or a simple conflict that arises during the operation of your business, we can help.

Henke Law Firm, LLP often is hired to handle a case that has been in litigation for quite some time. We have successfully represented clients regardless of whether we became involved in their case during the discovery phase, on the eve of trial or even post-judgment. We promptly confer with existing counsel for the smooth and timely transition of cases. Then we analyze the case and decide how best to proceed to meet our clients' goals. We are frequently engaged as local counsel to handle lawsuits for clients based outside our geographic area. We also work with other lawyers to joint venture cases when our expertise and experience are required.